Beautiful Belly; Maternity Session @ Derby Reach Heritage Site



There are few things more beautiful in life than the way a baby grows in a womb for 9 months with little to no help from us at all. I truly believe that entire process is one of the best pieces of evidence for the existence of a God so, when I was asked to photograph this beautiful baby belly I jumped at the chance!

Kaelynn was 37 weeks pregnant at the time and, lucky for her, still nice and small – a fact I’m sure she appreciates on those hot summer days. From the minute we met, we hit it off and had a great time chatting on our way to the shoot. We headed to Derby Reach Heritage Site and, even though I’ve been there before, we found some new spots and the summer morning sun was good to us!

Kaelynn, I know you’ve been waiting patiently for these so, I’m happily taking a break from a movie I rented, to satisfy your curiosity. Enjoy!


Kaelynn was so easy going the entire shoot and moved from sitting to standing to lying pretty easily for being 9 months pregnant! Her co-operative nature and ability just to have fun during the shoot sure made my job easy and we got some great shots!

Sometimes the best shots happen when the subject doesn’t know they’re being photographed, I think I was just testing the light out in these locations with these shots but they ended up being some of my favorites! She has such a peaceful look on her face. I love it.

Just as Kaelynn was willing to do anything to get a good shot, I think I was lying on the grass at one point for some of these shots as well. Totally worth it 🙂

Now for wardrobe and scenery change #1. It was great to have a few wardrobes to choose from and I applauded Kaelynn for finding 3 great outfits so late in the pregnancy as I know what it’s like when you’re down to the last few things that fit and you’re wondering if the baby will come or if you’ll have to buy some more clothes to tide you over. I think she looked great in all her choices!

The long-awaited belly shots. These were some of the ones that Kaelynn was looking forward to!

I love her expression in the bottom photo. It speaks volumes!

Being a farm girl herself, it was great to be able to get some shots with the whole barn in focus.

These sillouhette shots turned out wonderfully – something I haven’t done before but would do again – they really show off the belly!

Out of the uncomfy jeans and into outfit #3. We decided to do a few more shots by the barn and then head down to the water!

The photo on the left below might be one of my favorites. Kaelynn, you are truly glowing!

Kaelynn was really hoping for some shots with her feet in the water so down to the water we went!

I always say how much I love it when clients come ready with ideas of what sort of shots they want and Kaelynn was super creative. She wanted to do some shots with the name of her soon-to-be baby girl, Cierra, in the sand and we made it happen. A great idea and beautiful name!

I love these ones – so natural and such gorgeous scenery too!

Finally we went right into the water for these last few shots. It was perfect weather down by the water and the wind worked well for us too.

Kaelynn, it was such a pleasure meeting you. I’m so glad April put us in touch and gave me this opportunity spend an afternoon with you and your baby to be. That little girl of yours is going to be well loved by you and so many others and I look forward to hearing of her grand entrance into this world. God Bless you and your baby belly!

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