A beautiful Lily: Ladner Newborn & Family Portraits

I was so excited on a somewhat cloudy morning to head to my old stomping grounds for a newborn photoshoot right near my old high school. Becca and I went to high school together and, funny enough, are both teachers now only Becca teaches at our old high school and, after having her second little baby, is on maternity leave again. Her oldest, Logan, is just a bit younger than Ben and I was so excited to have a chance to photograph their newest addition – Lily!

Here are some of my favorites pics of her gorgeous little family! They picked some beautiful colors for the photos and had a great home with just the right amount of natural light.

Logan was amazing for the entire shoot and, it definitely helped that he could settle in with dad and watch some Nemo while Lily had her photos taken.

I absolutely loved the light in this particular spot and the way in which Lily looks so little when held in her mom and dad’s hands. She’s so precious!

Father & Daughter.

Some more shots of this beautiful family. I love the colors in Lily’s dress and how she’s just sleeping so peacefully through it all.

Now for the star of the show. She was so amazing throughout the whole shoot and endured a number of wardrobe changes. I had a bunch of new fabrics to try out and she was happy to oblige 🙂

Lily has such beautiful hair for a little newborn – hair that a lot of kids don’t even have at age 1 or 2!

I got some gorgeous hats from a store on etsy, KnitWitWoolies, and had a lot of fun trying them out on Lily. I love how the pom pom on the bottom rests on her little bottom. So cute. Richard and Logan were enjoying some movie time while Lily was getting her photos taken and I love that you can see them blurred out in the background of the bottom photo!

A few of mom and dad with their little princess. Check out her smirk as she lays in her daddy’s arms. Love it.

I love the little one-eyed look in the bottom photo. She looks so happy to be hanging out in that bucket 🙂

Becca shared with me that their beautiful little girl is named after the flower that Richard always buys for her so she had a few on hand for the shoot. I love it when clients come with creative ideas like that – it makes my job even more enjoyable than it already is. As you can see she wasn’t too into this hat at first (another etsy find!)  but, a pee and a poo later and she was good to go 🙂 All in all, considering that was the only drama of the photoshoot, I’d say we fared pretty well!

I know from experience that, when the older sibling is only 2 and a bit, it’s hard to get a good photo of baby and big brother but we got a few in this spot and then some more later when we were outside. Logan did really well and Lily looks so contented with him snuggling her.

A few more faves of this little beauty.

While Lily got a bit of a milk break, I headed outside with Rich and Logan for some father/son time. I love how much air Logan is getting in the top picture!

We even took some at the park right across from their house where Logan loves to play. What an awesome place for a kid to grow up and Logan was so good about coming back into the house. Such a great little guy.

A few of Lily and mom and dad. Have I said yet how amazing Becca looks? Such a beautiful mom.

Such a fun family. I love how Lily has her eye on the camera in a lot of these pictures.

Becca & Richard, thank you for inviting me into your home to photograph your beautiful family and precious new addition. I had such a great time and it was wonderful to reconnect with you, Becca, and meet your other half and kidlets! I hope you enjoy your photos and maybe we can even find a time to get our boys together while we’re off on leave together 🙂

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