Lung Family of 3 (Derby Reach Heritage Site)

A number of years ago we started attending Jericho Ridge Community Church in Langley and have met some awesome families in our time there. There is especially a great community of women at this church and, this time around on mat leave, I’ve been able to join some other mothers in the Friday morning gathering on the ‘time starved marriage.’ I met Kara through this group and through the mass baby showers every 6 months that Jericho Ridge is so awesome about organizing and was so excited to have an opportunity to photograph their family before the arrival of a little brother or sister for Jonas!

We headed to Derby Reach Heritage Site – a first for me – and I was so pleased with the venue. Beyond the awesome scenery it was an absolutely perfect day for photos considering the forecast was for rain all day. As I waited there for the Lungs’ to arrive I couldn’t help but praise God for the beautiful place we live and for granting me just the right amount of picture perfect cloud cover!

Here are a few of this gorgeous family!

I love the bottom photo and think it will be particularly special if Kara ends up having a girl πŸ™‚

With Jonas turning 2 on Friday, I couldn’t believe what an awesome listener he was the entire time! Way to go little guy πŸ™‚

Being a mom of a 2 1/2 year old myself, I’m learning to come armed with some toys to help ‘encourage’ participation amongst the little ones and the Thomas the train worked fantastically for Jonas!

Kara looks just gorgeous, especially for someone who is only weeks away from giving birth!

Such a beautiful family!

Even though there were plenty of backdrops at the Heritage Site, we headed across the street to get a few pics overlooking the water and, again, I was so amazed by this beautiful spot and, on a cloudy Wednesday afternoon we had it mostly to ourselves. I love the way that Howard and Kara are looking at each other in the bottom right photo. Such a loving couple!

And Jonas was still happily co-operating – kind of a dream kid from a photographers’ stand point.

We were trying to get Jonas to kiss Kara’s belly but he wasn’t into it. When I suggested that he and Kara both show their bellies, he started to perk up πŸ™‚

Quick wardrobe change in honor of our Stanley Cup finalists and there were just too many to share here so I had to share a handful!

Kara had mentioned that she had some photos taken when she was pregnant with Jonas like the ones below so we decided to recreate it. I can totally empathize with other moms who are trying not to shaft the second child simply because they’re the second child πŸ™‚

With the end of the photoshoot in sight, we decided to get a few final ones of Jonas and his mommy before he has to share her with another little one and the end product was adorable.

The love this family has for one another is so evident in their interactions and you can see it in every photo. Jonas was such a great sport, Howard, you had such an awesome attitude throughout the whole session and, Kara, I can’t say enough how amazing you look!

Thank you guys so much for letting me get to know your family a little more through this experience. I am really looking forward to the arrival of your little one (though probably not as much as you’re looking forward to not being pregnant, Kara πŸ™‚ ) and getting to know your family better in the years to come.

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